What We Want June 4, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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What We Want June 4, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

I have often observed that the one question that we are really qualified to answer, if we work at it---- is "What?"
What is that? (Our naming and labeling and identification functions.) and What for? (Our analytic functions.) and What kind? (Our differentiation functions.) and What time? (Our cataloguing functions.) ----all these come naturally to us, but when it comes to "What do you want?" all chaos breaks loose.
We are confused by that question, even though it's a "what" question like any other---- what do you want? What's truly in your heart?
It's as if all our experience of authoritarian rule ("No, you can't have a pony!") and all our experiences of limitation ("No, you can't be an astronaut!") come crashing down on our psyche, and that dogpile of negativity keeps us from answering from the heart, because we already assume that we can't have what we want in this life. So it hardly matters what we want.
In our minds, what we want becomes tangled up with "what's realistic" and "what we can reasonably expect" --- and that entanglement keeps us from ever truly answering the question with our whole heart and mind and body.
What results, then, is a dull, lifeless, rote answer born of intellectual thought, devoid of energy and power.
We all say we want peace and justice and compassion and truth; we want abundance and joy and brotherhood and inspiration; we want unity and love and the reality of all our highest ideals, but....
Now we come to a question that we are not very good at answering: why don't we just go straight for what we want? Why all the stumbling into darkness and war and discord and suspicion and death and limitation and grief?

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