A Look Inside Russia's Kremlin

Published June 5, 2021 7 Views

Rumble Moscow’s Kremlin is one of the most impressive royal residences in the world. It’s now the official home of the Russian President, but before Vladimir Putin called it his own, it belonged to the ultra-rich Tsars of the past. Russian rulers like the Romanovs were worth hundreds of billions of dollars-- and their gilded gold home is definitely not subtle. The Grand Kremlin Palace features the Armoury, where treasures like the Great Imperial Crown and double throne of Tsars Ivan and Peter are stored. The Terem Palace is connected to this treasury and features the private rooms of the royal family. The palace is believed to also house hidden rooms, Ivan the Terrible’s secret underground library, and passageways that were used to hide priceless treasure.

The Grand Kremlin Palace has areas off limits to the public-- like the Tsar’s royal apartments. But there are also rooms everyone can explore, like the many golden halls featuring bronze chandeliers, opulent skylights and priceless art. But rumour also has it that dungeons are hidden under the Kremlin’s towers, and a secret passageway connecting the Faceted Chamber to one of the Kremlin’s many Cathedrals has also been discovered. Join us on a tour as we take you through the Arsenal, State Kremlin Palace and Cathedral Square before we explore the most opulent rooms of the Kremlin, featured in the over $1 billion Grand Kremlin Palace. If you’ve ever wondered what fortune a Russian royal can afford, then this video should help satisfy your curiosity.

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