To beat capitalism, you need innovation and competitiveness — Divided we fall w/ Pat Byrne s01e04

Published June 4, 2021 11 Views

Rumble Divided we fall or what is wrong with the Left? #thebarricade #socialism #Left #socialdemocracy #USSR #China #economicplannig #technology

We continue our series on the Left's weaknesses. Globally, the Left has failed spectacularly over the last few decades. Clearly, there are numerous factors at play, some of which we have already discussed in previous episodes of our show. We recorded the third episode last month, in which we began discussing the economic policies that the Left could pursue (or at least start debating). This episode continues our conversation of the socialist economy, focusing on how it could actively outcompete capitalist economies through efficiency and innovation. We also address the issue of the democratic architecture of such a system.

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