Righting History: The Journalistic Battle of January 6th

2 years ago


Send leads to us at tips@stophate.com and we may include your footage in a more in-depth upcoming longer version of this documentary.


David Sumrall StopHate
David Snow StopHate
Michel Hodak StopHate
Tayler Hansen StopHate
Elijah Schaffer Blaze
Lauren Witzke
Mark Sutherland StopHate
Ford Fischer News2Share
RMG News
Sam Montoya INFOWARS
Daniel Goodwyn StopHate
Tamara Leigh Trend On
Philip Anderson TeamSaveAmerica
Scott Bandon Citizens Restoring Liberty



Ashli Babbitt
Kevin Greeson
Benjamin Phillips
Roseanne Boyland


Ryan Samsel
Zachary Alam
William Watson
Jacob Chansley
John Sullivan
Sam Montoya
Daniel Goodwyn

The censorship is real, but we want to get the word out. Download and share this.

Please consider helping financially with legal fees of one of our team members whose footage is included in this documentary.

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