Massive Lawsuit Filed to Stop the Masking of Kids

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2 years ago

Hannah and Sean Petersen join Caitlyn Sinclair on One America News

Attorney Jeff Childers on behalf of 46 plaintiff families, including 18 children, has filed a lawsuit against the Polk County School district to stop masking children. Attorney Childers, many parents and children, will be holding a press conference 6/8 at 6pm and will be available for interviews.

"We are fighting for the right for our children to breathe unencumbered in school. We have evidence that masking of children creates both emotional issues and physical harm to kids" says Parent Hannah Petersen. ( Read Her Family's Story at

We reject the idea that the school district puts forth that it is now a "dress code" to wear masks. That is not the understood definition of a "dress code" and we contend this is just another misguided attempt to keep a mandate in place that has been disproven and rejected.

" PCPS clutches onto this, its most harmful policy of all, in spite of the facts that the State has rejected forced masking, the County has rejected forced masking, Polk County and its courts have rejected forced masking, the Department of Health has rejected forced masking, and the Department of Education has even explicitly told PCPS that its mask policy isn’t making any difference in slowing the spread of Covid-19 and it should allow students to opt-out" says Attorney Jeff Childers in his complaint.

The Lawsuit can be found here: Complaint # 20210520 Complaint.pdf”

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