Money mini series : #3 Solar Plexus

Published June 1, 2021 12 Views

Rumble We need our solar plexus to shine and to be healthy and wealthy!

Our solar plexus chakra is the home of our ego and our ego is often vilified.

Hence the solar plexus houses many of our darkest shadows.

Shadows are parts of ourselves that we rejected since birth, because we wanted to be loved and taken care of.

But the trouble with shadows is that when it remains buried and unclaimed, it keeps popping up at the most inconvenient times.

The purpose of our journey through life is to integrate and love all parts of ourselves, the good, bad and ugly, so the energy starts to flow and we can uplevel our health and wealth.

One of the solar plexus shadows is 'selfish'

Many of my clients need to be shown how to be a little bit more selfish. The gift of selfishness is that you can take good care of yourself, so you can give and nurture from a place of abundance and empowerment, rather than depletion.

Think of the mum on a plane. If she wants to safe her child, she has to put the oxygen mask on herself first, so she can help others.

Just take a moment to feel into your solar plexus and into the healthy aspect of selfishness.

The solar plexus chakra comes before the heart chakra.

I have seen many women with breast cancer who were taking care of everyone else, but couldn't nurture themselves or could not receive nurturing or loving attention.

Cancer is a proliferation of energy, with not enough energy in the solar plexus and too much bottled up in the heart.

Another really great shadow to love in yourself is the shadow of being mean.

The gift of meanness is being able to stand up for yourself.

It is tied to your ability to say no and to say yes, at the appropriate times and to stand up for yourself or for something you believe in.

If you ever feel that somebody or a situation has power over you, your solar plexus chakra needs healing.

This chakra is your goer energy.

Your ego is an essential part of your spiritual awakening.

Here are some signs that your ego is at home and comfortable in your being.

- you can laugh at yourself. You can let things go sometimes
- You can allow yourself to make mistakes and you accept yourself with love and compassion
- you value your own opinion and perspective.
- you have a strong sense of self and you can take feedback from that place
- you accept others opinion as their opinion, not as a personal threat
- you can accept and appreciate all aspects of yourself, and all the things that make you more human.
- you are willing to take calculated risks. You aren't always playing it safe - you want some excitement.
- you have boundaries and don't accept it when others overstep your boundaries. There is a clean clear no in a nonreactive way.
- you are humbled in the knowledge that we are all divine, we are all equal, we are interconnectedness.
- Your world doesn't crumble if you lose your accomplishments, because your ultimate identity is linked with your true self, your spirit.

These are some of the solar plexus issues that we need to know about and work with if we want money to flow to us in a fun and easy way.

Enjoy the solar plexus boosting practice in the video!
much love, Grada.

PS Next week I will talk about the heart chakra and how it plays a role in making money.