Why did Former PM John Howard place a 90 year suppression order on Pedos in Parliament

Published May 30, 2021 40 Views

Rumble https://www.aph.gov.au/e-petitions/petition/EN1856
On 20th October 2015, Senator Heffernan brought to Parliament and Australias attention, official documents presented during the Wood Royal Commission and again during Royal Commission into Ritual and Sexual Abuse within Institutions. These documents include police documents, naming 28 high profile paedophiles, including one former Prime Minister. Investigation into these documents were stopped. The government and Judiciary have been noted suppressing these documents with orders for 90 years, choosing not to investigate as the public would ‘lose faith in the judiciary’. The public have already lost faith in the Government and Judiciary. This is compounded by these suppression orders. We the Australians with integrity and honour stand against these suppression orders and wish to protect our children. We insist these people and institutions be fully investigated, and held to account, including those whom have chosen to cover and suppress any investigations.