Magnetic In-Line JoeCell restructuring Ocean Sea Water into Fresh.

2 years ago

In this Video, Rebecca from the USA, video's Joe connecting up a 1000 litre Tank of Water sourced from Ballina Ocean boat ramp at high tide and running it through a Magnetic In Line Cell. Warren, a long time friend of Joe (Warren has built several JoeCells) and Brian who has Field Trialled Ocean White and Magnetic In-Line Cells for Joe in his Microbe Business, were present. I was there Videoing the Event in August 2012.

Yes the 'nature' of the Demonstration is Amateurish. Anyone with a 'science degree' will do their best to dispute the authenticity of what we are doing here. Many have brought water to run through this Invention. We have done Acid Mine Wastes, Raw Sewerage, Ocean Water, used petroleum products at a waste management site (Oil Tech near the Gold Coast) and Toxic by-products from Metagasco Mining operations. This Metagasco demo was done in front of the Minister for Mines, the Head of R&D at Metagasco and 2 Professors from the University, at the University Car Park. Some of these demo's have the before and after water test results.

There was a reason the test was 'short' in the quantity of water pumped through the Cell, This is because of the "For every Action there is an Opposite and Equal Reaction". The De-salination action, not only goes forward to the water going through the Cell, but the "Back Charge" restructures the entire 1000 litre tank once the pumping or flow becomes "stable". This Back Charge “effect” is shown elsewhere. Its why we INSIST you bring your own Fluids to run through this apparatus. But for now, there were 4 of us who WITNESSED and sampled, Joe Restructuring the Ocean salt water so it tasted Sweet and Fresh exiting the Cell.

Many respected people have witnessed this Magnetic In-Line Cell restructuring literally toxic wastes and exiting the Cell as the purest and freshest water they have ever tasted.
Prince Kareem of Dubai
Charlie Spiers, the former Director of Earth Resources for the Victorian Government
Professor Tony Pearsons of WA University
The Owners of Ok Tedi Mine in New Guinea along with 2 NG Govt Ministers
Professors at the Southern Cross University.
See…. Mt Carrington Acid Mine Drainage. J-Cell Multi-Process Treatment Trial For REX Minerals Ltd
And literally HUNDREDS of “business men”.

You ask why hasn’t it gone any further? None of the above were able to get a University Educated Person of Letters to sign a Report on what they saw and tested in the Lab afterwards. Metagasco Board of Directors (as does everyone else) require a University Report explaining the ‘process’ or ‘mechanism’ by which this happens. Their ‘science’ has no Magnetics in the Atomic Structure and as such, you … well… and they….. just cant explain Magnetically restructuring the ‘elements’.

Fortune favours the BOLD.

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