Mens are likely to struggle with mental health in lockdown

Published May 28, 2021 3 Views

Rumble Men are at risk of poor mental health and suicide during lockdown.

38% of men have noticed a negative effect on their mental health since going into lockdown in March, according to YouGov and Jacamo

Poorer middle-aged men are the group most at risk of suicide during the current Covid-19 crisis (source: 1,920 Samaritans charity volunteers.)

Lockdown has brought loneliness for everyone, in some capacity - Rav Sekhon, Integrative counsellor

Even when living with family and friends, there’s an isolation that exists for us all and that can be difficult to manage. Rav Sekhon, Integrative counsellor

Men are generally less likely to talk about how they feel, and if we add the isolation of lockdown to this it increases the risk of suicide. Rav Sekhon, Integrative counsellor

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