Truth Broadcast #7 *{5/27/21}* Pt. 1: COV-I.D. Bioweapon & Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS)†

Published May 28, 2021 1,361 Views

Rumble Vaccine Updates:
Spike protein transmissibility via the bioweapon disguised as the experimental COV-I.D. injection, revealing the infertility and depopulation agenda †

Trump's Warp Speed explained in detail, the "shot" is Hydroxy Chloroquine or Ivermectin, and the "vaccine" was rolled out under Emergency Use Authorization (vaccine is now optional) †

"My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge"
-Hosea 4:6 †

Phil Schneider Full Testimony on DUMBS and the Demonic NWO Agenda: 17 min

TB#7 Part Two:

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