Team Trouble and Archery Duels! Survival Games! Minecraft Java 1.6.4

Published May 27, 2021 37 Views

Rumble Hi Minecrafters!

Be prepared for beautiful scenery, a parkour reward, a unicorn photoshoot, close-call battles, and a final fight against opponents with epic skills!

Tyruswoo, 24 Nov. 2013
Minecraft Survival Games
Map: Hunger Hills

Minecraft Survival Games: Join to play!

Resource Packs are a personal mix, including the following.

Steelfeathers' packs:
- FeatherSong (terrain/blocks/items):
- Enchanted (weapons):
- Assassini Construtori (weapons):
- Lost Valley (weapons):

Other Resource Packs:
- Tyruswoo Resource Pack (biome colormap):
- DokuCraft (armor/sun/moon):
- Other moons/planets are personal mix created from images found on internet search.
- Painterly Pack (items/flowers/blocks):
- Outdoorsy Realism (sounds):
- More Realistic Sounds Pack (sounds).

Background Music is a personal mix including:
- Chrono Trigger Symphony:
- Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack:
- Ultima Online music:

Recording Software: aTubeCatcher:

This is my first video upload ever. A great survival games battle!

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