The Connie Bryan Show June 2021: History of the Globalists & Their 'New World Order' Agenda Exposed

Published May 27, 2021 137 Views

Rumble Connie Bryan's most eye opening 'truth to power' episode yet...This is PART ONE of her multi-part series on 'The History of the Globalists and their New World Order Agenda Exposed.’ Connie begins this episode with a comprehensive description of how organized religion was the FIRST form of ‘mass media’ and ‘psy-ops’ propaganda, using lies and fear about ‘God’ to control the masses in the interest of world domination by an elite few (Judaism, Rome and the Roman Catholic Church, Islam, etc.)

Then Connie begins to explain in detail how this age old elitist objective of world control has continued to be perfected by world elites who control world finance, banking and the vast majority of the world’s money, going beyond controlling the masses with fear of religion, to an openly admitted plan of ‘eugenics’, ‘transhumanism’ and an agenda of total surveillance and control of humanity and the planet, by deliberately creating unnecessary mass fear of ‘viruses’ in order to implement a scientific/medical and artificial intelligence ‘technocracy’.

This ‘pys ops’ propaganda agenda of the globalists intends for humans worldwide to become so overcome with this misplaced ‘germaphobic’ fear, coupled with a growing addiction to artificial intelligence (with the associated possibility of significant life extension) that they become willing to give up their personal constitutionally guaranteed liberties in return for the perceived promise of total ‘safety and security’ by this New World Order technocracy. MUST SEE T.V.!