Full unedited version of Oil from Water.

2 years ago

This Video is not presented as anything other than "educational" on how to think outside the box and use more than just 2 electrodes in water.

The construction of the Cell with 4 Stainless Steel cylinders inside a SS 'container' is a highly complex procedure where all the pieces are aligned magnetically (everything has a North and South Pole) and there is a Sequence as to how the electrodes are placed and in what order.

These procedures constitute the Intellectual Property

When you watch it, remember that its just Stainless Steel cylinders and plain water and a Telecom Rectifier providing 48VDC and very little amps.

What is discussed here is how to "Program" the Cell. Alchemists knew the power of the Individual's Bio Field and its effects on Water in an Alchemy Experiment. Emoto's theories on steroids and as a practical experiment

The inability to Short the Plates out even when both electrodes are on the same cylinder. Try doing that with ANY other power source on your "reverse engineered" Cell construction.

At the end of this Video you clearly see the OIL FLASH FLAME.

Now about that High School 2 Electroded Electrolysis proving water is 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen. and your climate change is based on that Fake Science. So what just is Carbon again? If not the Memory of Water?

Think outside the Box. Science is all about proving to yourself, not accepting others views or Theories regardless of their level of institutional indoctrination. The First time this was done back in 1996, Oil was made by failing to wash the engine oil off his hands and Programming the Cell with OIL rather than in this experiment where it was WILLED to make Oil.

This makes it very difficult to reproduce in the Lab by Others given you just cant have Mind over Matter when it comes to Transmutations.

Remember, the Magi of Biblical Fame, lived in Persia where they used Magnetic Current to preform Magic. Which is what you just saw when its a level of Technology above what you understand.


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