Biden Cancelled Wuhan Investigation

Published May 27, 2021 256 Views $0.12 earned

Rumble Incoming President Biden cancelled the Trump Administration’s inquiry into the origin of the Coronavirus – why? ​

🔵 Upon taking office, President Biden cancelled an outgoing Trump Administration inquiry into the origin of the coronavirus. ​
🔵 ICYMI: Rob’s Lab Leak Deep Dive with Nicholas Wade Article - ​
🔵 Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo initiated the investigation which was later shut down in February. ​
🔵 Biden officials says the evidence was suspect and the way they did their work was “suspicious as hell.” ​
🔵 Now, after cancelling the inquiry, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra calls for an investigation into the origin of COVID. ​
🔵 Many in the media are backtracking, forgetting they originally ridiculed the lab escape theory: see e.g. Glenn Kessler of Washington Post.​

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