The sacral chakra, and the effect it has on your money flow

2 years ago

If you are struggling with money pain, and want to change that, you need to deal with your chakra system.

Last week I did a video on the base chakra, which holds the keys to financial stability.

Today I am teaching you about the sacral chakra, and the effect it has on your money flow.

8 out of 10 women suffer from money stress and overwhelm.

And there is a wave of women my age, who are sleeping on the streets or have to couch surf, because they didn’t plan for their retirement.

They didn’t plan because they gave and gave to their families, and now they are left destitute.

Your sacral chakra is dominated by the water element, and if the energy is too open there, you will leak money in all directions, and you won’t be able to build wealth.

If its too blocked, you won’t receive the income or money you deserve, because this is the centre of receiving as well.

Symptoms of sacral chakra imbalance are guilt, conflict, rigidity, inability to save money consistently, or the opposite: saving money at all cost and not allowing yourself to enjoy money, not being in a career or job that fulfills you.

The interesting thing is that the emotion of blame and guilt is often deeply buried inside the sacral chakra, which also houses your sexual organs.

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