Follower Control Plugin with Common Events! RPG Maker MZ

Published May 24, 2021 64 Views

Rumble Hey RPG Makers!

Using the Follower Control plugin with common events, your MZ game can easily have polished cutscene-style transfers between maps!

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I’m pleased to announce the release of the Follower Control plugin for RPG Maker MZ! This plugin includes the features you’ve enjoyed from Follower Control for MV, including:

Change the Max Party Members! Have as many party members as you want!
Use commands on followers! This is excellent for cutscenes!
- Set Move Route
- Show Balloon Icon
- Show Animation
- Transfer Player
- Conditional Branch

Use pathfinding scripts within the Set Move Route command! This works on the player, followers, and events!
- this.path(x, y)
- this.path(‘event’, id)
- this.path(‘follower’, i)
- this.path(‘leader’)

Use the Pose plugin command to change a follower’s image! You can change images to various poses, without even needing to know the follower’s actor ID or current image. All you need to know is which follower to affect, and which pose to use!