DrBill.TV #492 - The My Video Studio Has Finally Come Together Edition!

2 years ago

Dr. Bill has finally achieved his goal of a netcast with a two camera studio, separate audio via a Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface and Shure SM7b microphone, and the new Feelworld LivePro L1 video switcher! Also, a tour of his production methods, and a demo of the N6 Bluetooth Soundbar! (May 24, 2021)

02:32 The new SIIG USB 3.0 7 Port PCIe Card with UASP Mode that I am using
04:40 The Feelworld LivePro L1 Video Switcher
06:25 A demo of my setup of the LivePro L1 in my studio
09:10 The advantage to video switching and the use of OBS and Streamdeck to put up "lower thirds"
10:16 Experimenting with wipe effects
14:28 More on why "pre-bundling" the camera video is better for use with OBS
15:13 The N6 Bluetooth Soundbar
15:53 The Bluetooth Soundbar in use on my laptop and a demo in my Living Room
22:07 Comparing the LivePro L1 to an Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro
23:32 The Focusrite Scarlette Solo USB Audio Interface for separate audio

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