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3 years ago

Hey RPG Makers!

Today I introduce to you the Tyruswoo Team’s Tile Control plugin for RPG Maker MV! This plugin allows you to select specific tiles on a specific map, and change them into any other tile.

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There are many uses for the Tile Control plugin! Here are a few examples:
- Make a fire event move, and wherever it goes, tiles change to a burnt or burning image.
- Make any other event move, and wherever it goes, tiles change.
- Make water move to flow and block a certain area.
- Make water dry up to reveal something hidden under the water.
- Change a section of a map to a cave-in.
- Change any part of a castle into a ruined castle.
- Make tiles change while the player is in view.
- Make a castle gate close.
- Make the player able to walk into a room, and have the inside of the room become visible when the player walks through the door, all without changing the current map.
- Many more uses! What uses do you have in mind for a Tile Control plugin?

The crowning feature of this plugin is that tiles permanently change for the current file save. So, if the player leaves the map and then returns to the map, tile changes will be permanent. Or if the player exits the game, then returns to that file save later, the tile changes will still be permanent. Meanwhile, other file saves won’t be affected. This impressive feature was created by McKathlin. Please let me know if you have interest in temporary tile changes for your game, as such a feature may be able to be added in the future.

This plugin also allows you to get tile information logged to the debug console while you are in Debug mode, whenever you press the “OK” key or mouse click, or whenever the player character moves. By logging tile info to the debug console, you are able to determine a tile’s ID number, which makes it much easier to determine which tile ID to use when changing tiles.

You can also change the animation speed of tiles globally, in case you want tile animations (like water animations) to move more slowly or more quickly.

Please note: The plugin currently attempts to make autotiles fit together appropriately. This often works, but currently only has cardinal directions working, and even still, I’ve rarely encountered some bugs. Make sure you playtest your tile changes to ensure they are working well. I am hopeful that by releasing this plugin, if you find bug reports, you can send them to me, so that I can improve the plugin.

Also note: I would like to add new and improved features to this plugin. If you like the functionality, but want to have more features that make it easier to use, please let me know!

Only you can build your dreams!

Your Adventuring Companion,


Why is this Tile Control plugin so useful?

Consider these examples:
- Have you ever wanted to change a portion of a map for the remainder of the game, and then find yourself needing to either make a whole new map (with duplicated events) just to change that one part of the map?
- Or, do you find yourself making a ton of “events” that are there just to represent the changes to the map?
- Do you find yourself duplicating tilesets and then giving them slight changes so you can use the “Change Tileset” command to accomplish map tile changes? (I wouldn’t use this approach for changing individual tiles, but only for wide-sweeping changes, such as turning all water on a map into poison, or such “same map but different appearance” uses, for which it was originally designed.)

The above solutions are sometimes appropriate, such as when every event needs to change when the map changes. However, sometimes you just want to change some tiles, without affecting every other event on the map. In such cases, the limitations of mapping and eventing solutions become evident. Would you rather change the tiles directly? Well, now you can!

Well, these work-arounds are no longer required, with the Tile Control plugin!

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