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STOP MASKING KIDS! One Mom's Fight Goes National

My Name is Hannah Petersen and this is our family's story...

My 8 year old son is in 2nd grade in Lakeland Florida. 
During PE Class he was running laps outside in 90+ degree weather and could not breathe through his mask that the school forced him to wear. My son pulled down his mask to breathe. Simply to get oxygen.
For that act his teacher not only screamed at him, but forced him to run extra laps... in the mask. 
That was the final straw for me and my family.

We teamed up with CCDF, County Citizens Defending Freedom  and thousands of other parents and now we are fighting back against this ridiculous policy that is literally hurting children who are in no danger from Covid, and per CDC statistics, neither are their teachers. This is a virus that is 100 % survivable for children, and 99.97 survivable for virtually everyone else.

We must stop fear based thinking and decision making.  

If you are sick of this government mandated and approved child abuse, join me.  The amount of evidence on the harm these masks are causing our little ones is overwhelming. The masks are hurting our kids not only physically, but psychologically as well.  

To ask children to be masked for 8 hours a day including running and playing outside has absolutely no benefit whatsoever, and is causing a plethora of health issues. I know. Moms from all over America are sending me photos of their children's faces that are suffering infections and worse. We must share these stories. We must Stop Masking Kids.

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