Biden Asked About Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Reverse Speech

Published May 22, 2021 297 Views

Rumble Source-

F1: Reporter-- President Obama says that there is footage and [um records of objects in the skies, these unidentified aerial phenomenon, and he says we don't know exactly what they are.
R1: Crow op ed the wheel casket warn horn used as senior. None want to play rate-the-ALF and his men-Nazi. See eye'd send make a stage-mob, mister fear-mob.
F = 0:00:14 to 0:00:28, R = 0:00:19 to 0:00:28
- Connected to records and objects in the skies called UAP’s and what they are is boasting connected to an op-ed in a death direction warning connected to growing dysfunction used as the lead. But no one wants to tell about the Ai connected to a Nazi force of men connected to the UAP’s connected to the transhuman eye cult sending the staging of a mob connected to a mob creating fear.

Possible Connected RS that may be a match for the reversal above is the one with Shaka in it on Our Still Small Voice’s Youtube Channel— Air Force Ai Testing and Psyop- This Is Just The Beginning of a Huge Orchestration- Not to say that people won’t get hurt and/or die in these orchestrations because 911 was one of them as well--