Steven Schaerer (American) Discusses Surviving Prison in China, Slightly Sophisticated Podcast

Published May 21, 2021 37 Views

Steven Schaerer discusses being incarcerated in a Chinese black-site prison compound after being falsely accused by CCP authorities of working in the country illegally.

Steven Schaerer (California native) lived and worked in Beijing, China for nearly 5 years, learning to speak Mandarin and co-founded a successful business there in his mid-20's. He was falsely accused by CCP authorities of "working in the country illegally" before being forced to sign "confession documents" and thrown into horrific detention conditions that nearly took his life. Steven survived extreme violence, malnutrition, sleep deprivation, and conditions so horrific, "suicide" warning signs were plastered on the wall.

The US government went to bat for Steven dispatching Consular Officers from the US embassy in Beijing who successfully petitioned for his release after nearly a month in detention. Steven was ultimately deported back to San Francisco, California by CCP immigration authorities.

Steven is a Human Rights advocate and guest speaker. He is also a China Policy Expert and author of the book, Surviving Chinese Communist Detention:

Kyle Ramos' "Slightly Sophisticated" Podcast:

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