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Rumble There are a lot of geopolitical events happening around the world right now. In my videos recently, I keep saying the same thing. The world is on fire. Yes, these events have been happening for a long time specifically in Israel, but that means nothing about today. While I don’t know for sure if this is the absolute point of no return in this conflict, what I do know for certain is that eventually we will get there and there are agendas surrounding it, so whether it is today, tomorrow, or years from now, a believer should have the right perspective surrounding this because it is crucial. If you are holding on to false ideals and perspectives, you may find yourself on a side you maybe shouldn’t be on, or attached to a problem that will lead to a solution you are not supposed to accept. So regardless of what is happening in real time right now, the overall understanding of this conflict must be understood. Let’s Begin!