CONFRONTING Democrat County Commissioner Kim Overman & EXPOSING TAX HIKE SCAM during Live Interview

Published May 19, 2021

Rumble Communist Hillsborough County Commissioner Kim Overman of District 7 (Countywide) CONFRONTED and EXPOSED by Hillsborough Resident during a LIVE media interview for the her lies about 1% All For Transportation (AFT) TAX HIKE SCAM!

A recent Florida Supreme Court ruling threw out the Hillsborough County 1% All For Transportation (AFT) transit sales tax in its entirety as unconstitutional, illegal and unlawful.

Prior to the court ruling, $512 Million Dollars was unlawfully taken from the residents of Hillsborough County and now the "Tampa 5" Democrat County Commissioners, including communist commissioner Kim Overman of District 7 (Countywide) don't want to return YOUR MONEY!

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