Did Biden Ask Israel to STOP Defending Itself?

Published May 19, 2021 13,262 Views

Rumble It’s clear the “quiet diplomacy” strategy that the Biden Administration is using to handle the attacks between Hamas and Israel is not working. In fact it seems like it’s starting to make President Biden panic. While the Middle East is crumbling, the President was in Michigan to test drive a new Ford electric truck, and decided that was the time to make an inappropriate joke.

While President Biden was driving, a reporter asked him if he would take a quick and legitimate question about Israel. Before the reporter could even get the full question out, he responded:

"No, you can’t. Not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it. I’m only teasing."

Why would he ignore a critical question about the state of our ally Israel? Instead of answering this simple question, he made a joke about running over a reporter. The reporter was actually doing her job. The press has an obligation to get information to the American people. Americans need to know the role that their tax dollars are playing in these attacks – especially now that President Biden has restarted funding the Palestinian Authority which in turn funds members of Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

President Biden’s weak leadership and policies have led to unrest in the Middle East. The U.S. response to our ally getting attacked has been unacceptable. Today, President Biden made a call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and expressed that he expects a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire. He is putting all the pressure on Israel to de-escalate and stand down instead of defending themselves from a multi-front terrorist attack.

ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has experience dealing with international conflict, summed it up best:

"One thing you learn very quickly in the National Security world is that money is fungible. Wherever you think you may be sending it, it may well be going someplace else. You can be sure U.S. taxpayer dollars are being used for corrupt purposes. It’s why we stopped it – this very reason. The fact that they are not holding the Hamas terrorists, the corrupt Palestinian leadership, and the West Bank accountable. Then now I heard today President Biden saying he expects a decrease in violence. I know how to get a decrease in violence quickly – have the Iranians stop underwriting Palestinian terror. The Israelis have every right to defend themselves. I hope they take out every bit of Hamas’s infrastructure and make sure something like this cannot happen again and I hope Americans across the broad political spectrum will make clear that this is U.S. policy. It is not enough for Democrats to say they are pro-Israel they need to call out congressmen like Ro Khanna, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib who are acting in a way that is deeply antisemitic. They need to be clear and articulate about it and need to defend Israel’s right to defend [itself]."

As we told you yesterday, the Left is still divided on how to handle Israel. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is introducing a resolution of disapproval today that would block the $735 million sale of weapons to Israel. The Biden Administration is going to have to stand up to their own party if they want to de-escalate the situation between Israel and Hamas.

Instead, President Biden is making jokes and trying to charm the press while innocent people are dying in Israel, America’s ally. This is not a time for jokes. This is a time for action. The only course of action left to do is send aid to Israel and not use U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund terrorists whose number one goal is to destroy Israel.

Today’s full Sekulow broadcast is complete with even more analysis of President Biden making an inappropriate joke when asked about Israel and updates on how the United States is responding to the attacks on the Middle East.

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