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Original upload date December 19th, 2020.

Since Rumble joined the cancel culture, anti-first amendment, communist mob of America and removed almost all of my videos without rhyme, reason, excuse or even a notification months ago... to hell with them, im uploading them again. If you want this video or any of my other video to continue pissing big tech and the social communists off, therealscarboro.com . and dont worry, Im waiting to get the go signal to unleash the other videos that I have had waiting in the shadows.

You wanted it Patriots, you got it! My latest Trump2020 campaign ad "HOLD THE LINE - BATTLE FORMATIONS". We need everyone on deck. If you're too weak, you can lean on me. If you're not capable at all, I've got your six. Hold the line patriots, don't give up now. Theres going to be a lot of misinformation flying at us 1000 times worse than before, don't take the bait. Baals prophets are working overtime to get you discouraged so that you lay down your weapons of war, don't fall for it and don't give up. Walk by faith, not by sight. Stop worrying, stand for the flag and kneel before the cross, declare and decree to the lord in what you know will be, and be the warrior that God made you to be. We need you now more than ever, so put on the armor of God and take your rightful place in his army with us. Enjoy the video!

Been seeing some similar copy-cat versions of my work popping up, make no mistake, everything that I post is researched, cut and clipped from scratch, anything else out there unless it has my name on it coming from me, its not mine and someone claiming it as their own. Or even pieces of mine in theirs.

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