1 year ago

The Knot of Money: Why Talking about It Makes us so Uncomfortable.

Your Money DNA: it isn’t your fault.

Over the last 20 years of working with clients, I have found that people don’t like talking about money.

It makes them too uncomfortable.

For most people it is harder to have and honest conversation about money than it is to talk about sex or childhood trauma.

We are all ‘knotted up’ about money.

To us, money represents so much more than dollars and cents.

It is tied up to our deepest emotional needs for love, power, security, control, independence and self-worth.

It’s impossible to be an adult and not have some deep-seated beliefs about money and the way that it fits into our lives.

Most people never questions their beliefs so their fortunes never change.

Our beliefs are not based on science or truth, they are simply stories repeated like a mantra.

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