Arizona Senate Demands Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors Comply With Subpoenas, Release Routers

Published May 17, 2021 109 Views

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Meanwhile the Arizona State Senate president, Karen Fann, is
accusing the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors of reneging on their commitment to comply with subpoenas.
In a letter written to the board Fann, accused the board of going back on their commitment to fully comply with the legislative subpoenas that were issued on January 13, which, Judge Thomason ruled were enforceable.

The letter states, in addition to refusing to provide passwords, the board has refused to produce virtual images of the routers used in the presidential election.

Fann offers the board an alternative saying that
"If they are concerned about security issues, an experienced digital forensics firm and Cyber Ninjas, will review the virtual images of the routers in Maricopa County facilities and in front of representatives of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

This way Maricopa County can retain custody and monitor the review of router data while ensuring that the senate can access the information it requires—and to which it is constitutionally entitled—to successfully complete its audit."

In the letter Fann also accuses the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors of performing incomplete audits because she said if they do not have possession of the passwords, "there is no way they could have inspected the tabulation machines."

Fann is hoping for a response from the board on may 18th during a live streamed meeting.