Yeast, Pineal Gland, Covid, and Agenda 21 Reverse Speech

Published May 16, 2021 626 Views

Rumble So, @ElizabethLepor found an app on her phone someone else placed there when they hacked in. As she raised the app volume, 👆ed torture was administered thru the app to her. Here's the vid link I used as my source to analyze some of her #ReverseSpeech

Abbott, possibly Abbott Labs's comes👆in her RS. It also came👆in Obama's RS when he was💩ing himself to have found out that Flynn was about 2 b free 2 tell the🌎what he knows. 🤨 Abbott Labs was approved for $5 Rapid Covid-19 Test For ‘Mass Scale’ Use.

Liz's RS on Abbott-
F3: [Controller 35 device type thermostat.]
R3: That's her worth. They say Abbott. They're up here endorsin' it.
- Is experimentation on Liz connected to Controller 35 also connected to Abbott Labs where it’s being endorsed in some way? Elizabeth is assaulted to make her very hot much of the time as she is targeted. Is Abbott Labs trying to create #FakeFevers?

Obama RS on Abbott is R2 at the link below- Scroll to R2- and underneath it-

Scroll to R3 of this RSA where the PCR test also appears to come up-

F4: [If I if I switch this to heat? Oh, this 1 hurts. Ok. So I'm actually torturing myself which is]...
R4: Sears, the force Sam-ray broke to sham us. And, it hurts. Letter I'm upset. Heart bee hit sutures. Graph it to gaff it.
F = 0:01:39 to 0:01:46, R = 0:01:39 to 0:01:46
-An intense burning beam connected 2 USA breaking a force in some way's presented as 1 thing when it’s another that’s hurting Liz making her upset. She makes a mental note 2 brace herself while turning the device up. A heart sting (likely an EMF shot) hits something sewn into place in order to graph & seize large prey. Sounds like Ai being used to aggregate data for the cull being rolled out by that nut ball transhuman syndicate.

What's #ReverseSpeech? See my interview w/ @ReportGoldfish on what it is & why it's important. I'm a certified RS Analyst trained by David Oates.Find RS in CIA's Rdg Rm. We start developing it at 4 mos in our hard-wired, involuntary, truth-only system.

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