Africans are we Not Liars & Hypocrites

Published May 16, 2021 148 Views

Rumble Are we

Addressing the Major & Minor issues concerning the Black race across the globe.  Concentrating in Africa and spreading abroad. Our discussion will include but not limited to:
Lifestyle, Finance, Family, Health, Religion, Politics, Fashion, Food, Marriage, Tradition, Culture, Music, Movies, Beauty, Health & fitness.

Discussing thought provoking subjects that affects Africans, in Africa, America or Europe. You might find some of this subject Entertaining, Provoking, Offensive, Educational, Comedic, Inspiring or sometimes darn right Silly 😂🤣😅. You will Never be bored on this Channel.


Like why do African eat chicken feet, cow skin, chicken butt,

Why Africans give their Children American or European names

Why Africans boasts in speaking proper English or The Queen's English? Does the Queen boast in speaking our language?

Why Africans will have traditional marriage & church wedding? When they are both traditional weddings?

Why Africans thinks coming to America or Europe will solve their problem?

Why Africans move abroad to only live in black or African communities?

I'm hoping to find a solution to help solve some of our problems or at least open our eyes to our problem so that we can search for the solutions.  If you would like to be on the show please email me: