Lara Logan: ‘They’re Not Journalists. They’re Political Assassins.’

2 years ago

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“Our profession today is unrecognizable,” says award-winning journalist Lara Logan. A former correspondent for CBS’ “60 Minutes” and now host of Fox Nation’s “Lara Logan Has No Agenda,” she’s been at the frontlines for years reporting on war zones, gang warfare, Benghazi, and beyond.

And she’s seen the transformation of media from what it was meant to be, with many journalists blurring the lines between fact and opinion.

“They're not journalists. They're political assassins, working on behalf of political operatives and propagandists,” Logan argues.

What are the root causes of this shift? And how are a lot of media working hand in hand with big tech companies to shape narratives and public discourse?

This is American Thought Leaders, and I’m Jan Jekielek.

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