1 year ago

Starting with a Primary Doctor? Many See an INTEGRATED Physician as The Entry Point-Scott Jensen MD

The fact that half the country is refusing the covid vax, and more than half use supplements and self-diagnose (despite their doctor's wishes), suggests the need for a broader idea on the meaning of "primary" care. Indeed, with chronic diseases having exploded among adults AND kids, experts might point the finger at allopathy and demand an explanation.

Increasingly families are going to want more than a pill pusher or referring agent for specialists. Indeed, with the growth of naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, functional medicine, and new ideas about root cause - such as the gut biome fascia - it is clear that integrated doctors will gain patients in the future health market.

How will this change in demand affect supply? Will insurers and hospitals fall behind if they resist the maverick healers and picky patients? Will the government continue to do the dirty work of the status quo, shutting down superior healing?

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