DrBill.TV Special - ELECABLE PCIe 4-Port HDMI Video Capture Card Install and Test!

2 years ago

Dr. Bill installs and tests a cheap, Chinese, four port HDMI Capture Card for the PCIe bus on your Windows PC System. It claims to be a 'Professional video processing function, high-quality industrial-grade chip production, super stability, support for simultaneous input of 4 HDMI signals', at least according to the 'Engrish' in the Amazon description! (NOTE: I did confirm, that if you select the "Custom Audio Device" option in OBS, you CAN get audio off of the ports on the HDMI card, however, they are WAY out of sync, so you will have to "play" with the offset.)

00:04 ELECABLE Capture Card unboxing (un-packaging)
04:59 Installing the card in my Dell Optiplex 9010
06:44 Installing the HDMI Capture Card Driver for Windows 10 64-Bit
08:49 Testing the HDMI Capture Card in OBS (Open Broadcasting Software)
12:34 Best OBS Settings for the HDMI Capture Card
13:44 Setting up Color Correction and Other Settings in OBS
20:16 SONY a5100 Video through the ELECABLE HDMI Capture Card via OBS
21:00 SONY FDR-AX100 Camcorder through the ELECABLE HDMI Capture Card via OBS
22:00 Conclusions and wrap-up

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