Survivor - Dave Bray USA Official Lyric Video

Published May 13, 2021 164 Views $0.02 earned

The “WAR ON POLICE” is REAL and I felt that it was time to do something for the families affected by it...
My NEW SONG is called SURVIVOR and it’s another tear jerker for sure....
In a way it’s like a follow up to "Last Call" because the sad truth behind every Line of duty death is that souls are being crushed and families are being destroyed...just like in a war.
SURVIVOR is a song that was written for them...The soul-crushed and destroyed...The ones left with nothing but pictures and memories...the ones left behind in the wake of this very real “WAR ON POLICE” that is happening on our own soil.

“I’ll tell your story
I’ll scream out your name
I’ll always remember you
Because the Thin Blue Line remains” -DB USA

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