The Debt of Death for America, is Coming!!!

Published May 12, 2021 64 Views

A National Debt is the Killer Nations, it’s the Killer of All Nations! It will be the Killer of Our Nation! Our National Debt Will Kill this Country! Stop the Spending! There is a time to ask yourself, “Is this what we need or is this what we want?”

This irrational, arrogant system of thinking and spending has to stop! It must stop! It is literally going to Kill Us!

Future historians will probably also be dumbfounded when they see how long the American people stood by and allowed for this worthless, unbacked fiat paper, this funny money, this Monopoly to pass as real Hard-Core Money and the amount of uncontrolled spending we allowed our government to perform! It’s extraordinary that most people today happily accept this perception that America is within a good and sound financial standing!

I see an unstable government that has overspent us out of our future.

We are destroying the Futures of our children and our grandchildren!

Get Ready for Inflation, heavy taxation, and the Great drop in Value of the U.S. Dollar as it will be Falling at a Grave Rate! Our Economy will Most Assuredly Crash and the Next Great Depression will Most Certainly Come! We are in for a Significantly Horrific and Deadly Ride!

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