Exotic Birds That Enchant

Published May 10, 2021 11 Views

Rumble Waking up every day, listening to birdsong, is not uncommon. In fact, data indicate that about 15% of households in Brazil have a bird. Good news, as it is proven that people, who own a pet, scare away loneliness and stress and, consequently, live longer and better.

Whether for their magnificent song, the color of their feathers or even for being excellent imitators, birds can become excellent companion animals. There are about 9000 species around the world. The three groups most sought after by bird lovers are: parrots (Macaws, Parrots, Jandaias, Parakeets, Cockatiels, etc.), passerines (birds of song in general: Canary of the land, Black bird, Corruption and others) and , finally, the group of Ramphastídeos (Tucanos and Araçaris). There are also legal breeders of ornamental birds that include Mutuns, Jacus, Jacutingas, Inhambus, among others. These species are most sought after by people who have a large aviary and keep the bird loose in that area. And finally, we have a species of bird that is legally bred for slaughter and human consumption, which is the case with Ema.
According to veterinarian specialist in unconventional pets Pedro Henrique A. C. Siqueira some information is important for the proper handling of your bird. Provide the bath at least once a week, especially in the summer, because in addition to being hot, the climate is very dry in Brasilia. Cockatoos are the birds that most need a weekly bath. Your skin produces a kind of dandruff that must be removed regularly with an appropriate bath.
Ultraviolet radiation is important for the conversion of vitamin D essential for good calcium absorption. Sunlight has other major roles in bird metabolism, but that science is only now beginning to discover. So if you can't provide good direct sunlight (other than through the window glass), get a good specific fluorescent lamp for the similar effect.
Unfortunately, most of the birds treated here at the Veterinary Doctor's Office - Point Animal - have some pathology due to malnutrition or incorrect nutrition. We can mention respiratory and kidney diseases resulting from Hypovitaminosis A (vitamin A deficiency), rickets (due to lack of calcium and vitamin D), poor commitment, progressive weight loss, obesity, liver disorders and tumors, reproductive dystocia, various infections , parasitism and so many other direct or indirect eating problems.

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