Caught Red Handed - Post Punk Instrumental Improvisation

Published May 9, 2021 13 Views

Rumble Here is a post punk improvisation for both #straturday​ and #gibsunday​. I kept the beat simple at a 4/4 120 bpm tempo with a sort of uptempo ballad beat using the independent kit by Toontrack. From here I just played some simple measures on my Epiphone Les Paul with an octave down pitch shift and some Electroharmonic pog pedal emulator in Bias FX 2. Overall it worked out pretty good as both a bass and rhythm guitar part. For lead I used my Fender Stratocaster Plus guitar with an effects chain that puts a reverb in front of the amp as well as a reverb after the amp using plate and shimmer reverb pedals in Bias FX 2. This sort of gives it a surfer tankish reverb feel with a smooth bright tone to cut through the rhythm of the Epiphone. I called this one Caught Red Handed as both guitars are a nice red candy apple color. The fractal background was made in jwildfire, it took forever to render as it has to render frame by frame.

Thanks for listening :-)