How Our Assemblies Operate May 9, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Published May 9, 2021 180 Views

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How Our Assemblies Operate May 9, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

We have a steady stream of ex-military and corporation employees joining our ranks and like everyone else, they come dragging their past experiences and assumptions behind them.
We take this opportunity to point out some very significant differences between those "cultures" and the civilian world that our Assemblies present.
While both the military and the corporations operate on the principle that everyone involved is "expendable", the civilian government operates on exactly the opposite principle ---- people are NOT expendable. Everyone has value. Everyone has something to add.
The military and the corporations also tend to operate on a quid pro quo system that let's the ends justify the means. This is again diametrically opposed to the civilian government and its operating principles.
We know that how we get somewhere is at least as important as the destination, and we act accordingly. We do not employ lies to get what we want. We don't threaten people. We don't harbor grudges. We don't use force, deceit, or coercion of any kind, nor do we use bribes, pay offs, or "emoluments" to get what we want out of people.
The dignity of mankind is such that people need to do the right thing for the right reasons, and without that there is no basis to build or hope for a better future.
The military and the corporations both believe in expediency. To them, the quickest way to do something is always best. Patience, nurturing, and skill development are not part of their overall vocabulary -- for them, it's a slam-bam-thank you ma'am world.
Okay, so that's their world. Let them have it.
That is not what family-based Assemblies do. That is not in line with our value system at all. That kind of cut-throat competition, faster is better, Slick Kid attitude needs to be checked at the door and not allowed to intrude itself in an atmosphere that needs to be respectful, welcoming, and supportive.
And not dripping with hypocrisy from slime balls trying to be "nice".
All those who are coming in from military and corporatocracy backgrounds need to refocus and understand that this is a rescue operation and both those being rescued and those doing the rescuing are civilians.
Sure, there is a sense of urgency. Sure, there is a need to move things forward. Sure, there is a need for organizational coherence. The skills learned in the military and the corporate world can come in handy --- but not the vicious, self-serving, ladder-climbing, brown-nosing, competitive sleaze-bag behaviors that too often go along with the skills.

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