Important Addendum About the 1937 Declaration of Interdependence May 9, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Important Addendum About the 1937 Declaration of Interdependence May 9, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

This is additional information you all need to know and share widely with those who are receiving copies of The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States.
The official confirmation that this actually happened and was presented and adopted and is not, as some have claimed, spurious --- take note of the official provenance.
In your State Capitol Library on Microfiche, you will find "The Book of the States".
The first "book" in this series was published in 1935, and additional books have been published every two years ever since --- sometimes one volume, sometimes two volumes.
In the 1937 volume --- that is Book Two in "The Book of the States" series, you will find that Senator Toll was the one who presented The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States for signing.
This same Book of the States is a deep mine full of evidence and tidbits and insights into exactly what has gone on behind the scenes in this country since 1935--- which in addition sheds more light on what happened in 1933 and 1934 under the auspices of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration.
Every American needs to become aware of the dangerous and self-interested nature of the foreign commercial corporations and Corporatist Interests which have been looting this country ever since.
It is painfully clear that in addition to foreign governments acting in Gross Breach of Trust and in violation of their Commercial Service Contracts, there have been traitorous Americans involved ---- including many of those that we popularly recognize as Captains of Industry in the Nineteenth Century.
Names like Rockefeller, Hearst, Gould, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Winchester, Westinghouse, Bell, Reynolds, Astor, Freeman, Collins, Russell, Dupont, Dunn, Kennedy, Ford, Harriman, St.Claire, Huntington, Remington, Stanford, Crocker, Hopkins, Edison, Bundy, Brookfield, Franklin, Monroe, Wright, Goldberg, Hunt, Hughes, and many more prominent American families in one way or another, became entangled in the international web, either willingly or under coercive pressure of the banks.
Many of these men --- and women --- felt that government of, for, and by the people was an unworkable monstrosity standing in the way of their profit-making agendas.
As the people of this country pushed back and sought to curb the insatiable power grabbing of the corporations that these same people were subsidizing and providing with bankruptcy protection, the Industrialists hatched plans to undermine our government with the help and cooperation of British and other European Interests --- Rhodes, Darwin, Pirbright, Nobel, Warburg, Farben, Kunst, Clark, Kenworth, Churchill, Downing, Van Nuys, Rothschild, and so on.
It's all documented and it was all orchestrated and enabled by the U.S. Supreme Court via a series of famous cases collectively known as the Insular Tariff Cases, which allowed the semantic deceits and misrepresentations and revenue generating ploys that played such an important part in the subsequent history of the 1920's and 30's. As Chief Justice Harlan noted in his dissenting opinions, the end result of these decisions did lead to "mischief".

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