The planet Nibiru rises

Published May 8, 2021 303 Views

Rumble This mysterious phenomenon happened on October 20, 2020 in Dubai, UAE
This phenomenon was also reported to me in Mongolia, but what is this phenomenon really?The first theory This may be a sign of the planet Nibiru that the Anunnaki aliens are approaching the planet Earth The second theory The signs of alien angels that send extraterrestrial messages to our world The third theory proposed by scientists Phenomenon 2 The sun is due to the reflection of sunlight in the sky, but I do not approve or reject any of these theories.
In the texts of banned archeological books and uncensored versions of the world's religious books, this phenomenon has been called the new beginning for the planet Earth. This phenomenon has occurred every year in more than 20 countries of the world for the last 80 years.It can be amazing and mysterious.
I believe that the planet Nibiru is real and this truth will be discovered in the not too distant future.we are not alone

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