[NOW IS THE TIME TO UNITE!] A Remake On The Great Dictator Speech by Charlie Chaplin

2 years ago

Nothing has changed since this speech appeared in 1940 and this might be the greatest speech ever made! But, the times are changing RIGHT NOW... for the better, and we have an opportunity to RISE UP... AND UNITE!

To learn more about the film, go here: https://www.riseupintruth.com/free-resources
The time is NOW to RISE UP. To get back to Truth. To RISE UP IN TRUTH!

Calling all Light Warriors, Lightworkers that SEE the Ultimate Truths, Starseeds, Indigos, Truthseekers--- OUR TIME IS NOW!

We move into the GOLDEN AGE.

The New Earth RISES.

Dedicated to providing you with insight so that you can:

* Create your own process to FIND TRUTH
* Learn HOW to gain control of your health (and to be empowered in the process!)
* Know why it's essential for us to go back into nature because Mother Earth is calling us back to her
* How to be READY for the New Earth and going through the Great Awakening

Are you ready to go BACK to what it means to be a POWERFUL HUMAN using ancient wisdom that was lost and going back to the fundamental laws of nature and the universe?

Are you ready to OPEN THE MIND and HEART to understand all the ways in which the Truth has been hidden from us?

If so, then you're in the right place!

Find us at www.riseupintruth.com

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