Structuralism vs Essentialism (5-7-21)

3 years ago

00:00 Structuralism vs Essentialism,
03:00 How to even out your hips
09:00 Structural realism,
21:00 The Declaration of Independence,
38:00 John Mearsheimer Explains Neorealism,
58:00 Richard Spencer talks to JF Gariepy,
1:30:00 The Wuhan-Lab Theory Is Not Far-Fetched. Just Look at China’s Reckless Rocket Program,
1:42:00 Successful women more likely to divorce,
1:44:40 Jared Taylor on reparations
1:54:00 Perhaps Tucker Carlson’s data cherry-picking isn’t limited to vaccines,
2:05:00 Thomas Baden-Riess: Unwashed & Claire Khaw Discuss this Week's News,
2:14:00 #Killstream: Syrian Girl vs Judas Maccabeus,
2:32:00 Larry David courts a Palestinian woman
2:37:00 Rick Wiles on Bolsonaro, covid as a Chinese bio-weapon,
2:40:00 Bill Gates divorce, his female Chinese translator
2:42:00 Chinese spies infiltrate America
2:44:40 Tucker Carlson on the covid vaccine
2:54:00 Matt Forney on USA v China,
2:57:00 Luke tracks down patient zero from an HIV porn outbreak (from documentary Porndemic)
3:01:20 Semen Retention & Toxic Friendships,
3:03:00 Black nationalist Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks On American Racism, Joe Biden's Agenda, Interracial Relationships,
3:05:00 Hasidic Parents Say Brooklyn Rabbi Recruits Underage Teen Brides,
3:07:20 Dr. E Michael Jones and Dr. Tom Sunic Ethnicity, Race, Christianity, Paganism,
3:09:40 Tucker Carlson on our flaky economy
3:17:00 Jayda Fransen CONFRONTS Nicola Sturgeon,
3:19:30 E. Michael Jones on converting Roosh to Christianity,
3:22:30 Keith Woods on Tucker Carlson,

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