THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR ME, Powerful & Emotional Tribute in Song to Those who Pray

Published May 6, 2021 151 Views

Rumble ABOUT: Deeply moving & tender tribute to those who send their intention & love out through their prayers, bringing hope & comfort to those who stand in need of healing & renewal. This film also celebrates our Unity via the Spirit of God, as we join together to lift one another up.

NOTE FROM ANN M. WOLF: I wrote this song to honor all of those who I know, "prayed me through" many difficult times, deeply touching my heart and soul with their humble kindness. Thank you for praying for me; you taught me so much and have made all the difference. May God Bless & Keep you in His Mercy & Grace & may the love you have shown return abundantly to you.

CREDITS: Thank You For Praying for Me is written & sung by Ann M. Wolf

Special thanks to God for His Mercy & Grace & Who Is the source of all Hope & Healing, for ourselves, our Nation & the world.

Keyboards by Tracy Collins
Produced & arranged by Tracy Collins
Closing choir arrangement by Tracy Collins

Song “Thank you for Praying for Me” is from Ann's album, "Lighthouse"
© 2021 – BMI - All rights reserved.

Song in traditional AC/Classic arrangement is also available on Ann's album,
"Remember Me" © 2012 – BMI - All rights reserved.

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