Out of Pocket Now or in Retirement an INVESTORS HSA is a Must! Scott Borden-Heath Savings Admin.

Published May 6, 2021 1 Views

Rumble Despite barriers imposed by government, 30 million Americans have added to their health plans tax advantaged Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Families want them and business owners offer HSAs to workers because sheltering around $7,000 annually can easily build to $100,000 by retirement when one desperately needs help with Out of Pocket (mostly long term care) costs. But what if an HSA holder could INVEST balances to build even more help for costly healthcare?

Scott Borden’s company is known as the “Investors HSA”, and as the “HSA Guy” Mr. Borden explains why the HSA is the family’s best friend. But he also explains what legislative changes are needed to make these incredible heath accounts available to everyone who deserves investable savings!

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