WND Exclusive - The Individual Right To Keep and Bear Arms

3 years ago

by: Brent Smith

Well, our vaunted United States supreme Court has agreed to take up a case regarding the Second Amendment. This is pretty uncommon, but it does happen. Mostly because the supremes over the years haven’t dared to actually do their jobs to the fullest, and so their decisions seem to encompass a narrow scope and half-measures, never fully putting to bed that the second amendment clearly gives the right of an individual to “keep,” which means to own, and “bear,” which means to carry Arms on one’s person.

The Second Amendment makes no distinction between open and concealed carry, and thus any argument against either is moot. Nor does it make mention of licenses and/or permits, which is what this upcoming case is about, so these too are moot.

This upcoming case is a travesty of justice and should never have gotten to the High Court...

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