Current Events: Conspiracies, Censorship, Julian Assange, COVID Vaccines, Crypto & more [ASMR]

2 years ago

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- Conspiracy Theorists Know Much More about the World than Those Propagandized by Main Stream Media (6:44-9:21)
- This Is What You Need to Do When Seeking Information: Check References & Go down Rabbit Holes (21:06-22:48)
- Mandalay Bay Shooting & 9/11: Question the Official Story When Corporate Propagandists Play the Same Tune (31:13-33:04)
- Why Julian Assange and Wikileaks Are so Important to Our Societies: Whistleblower, Crucifying Truth Tellers & The Canary in the Coal Mine (36:15-39:06)
- The Martyrdom of Julian Assange: We Reap What We Sow, Be Warned (41:31-44:44)
- This Is the Mental Gymnastics That Is Taking Place in Our Societies Regarding Covid-19 & Vaccines (45:47-50:30)
- The Insanity of Those That Support a Vaccine Passport: Fear Is the Mind Killer (56:00-58:53)
- The Only Way to Protect Yourself from Fear Is Knowledge (1:12:32)
- The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun, Avoid the Walking Dead Herds: Mandating Vaccines on Humanity (1:14:40-1:16:16)
- How Should We Be Reacting to Covid-19: Increase Your Vitamin C and D Intake (1:19:23-1:22:32)
- Digital & Cryptocurrencies: Eliminating Cash, Lack of Anonymity, Blockchain Tracking Transactions, Laundering Darkweb Money (1:25:34-1:30:06)
- Cryptocurrency Wars: Wall Street, SEC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Securities, Tokens, Laws, Centralization & the Trojan Horse (1:30:45-1:32:42)
- Regarding Ukraine, Russia, Crimea, Donbas, Georgia, Nato, Fracking, Gas, Energy, Pipelines and War: PART 1 (1:39:51-1:47:46)
- Regarding Ukraine, Russia, Crimea, Donbas, Georgia, Nato, Fracking, Gas, Energy, Pipelines and War: PART 2 (1:52:03-1:54:17)
... and more...

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