The Canadian State of Medicine with Dr Roger Hodkinson

Published May 6, 2021 6,154 Views

Rumble From world renowned expert to controversial, in the blink of a tyrant.
In the "state" of Canada, is it any wonder people are confused? The population at large has been under siege for more than a year. Our nation is coming apart at the seams under the guise of emergency, the government seems to have lost all of its ability to reason.
In such a time of extreme confusion, and implied danger the experts like Dr Roger Hodkinson are the very people we used to, and still should be leaning on. They should in fact be the most sought after voices in the highest demand world wide.
But, Things are not normal, the best available voices of reason fall on deaf ears.
World renowned professionals are now seen as though they are whistleblowers. In a strange new and highly politicized version of health care, it would seem that medicine is now administered by the "State" in our "once" great nation. Doctors and scientists are being silenced if they do not comply, or if they dare to even attempt to have an unapproved discussion of the "state mandate". All other discourse is now considered worthy of attack and extreme punishment. This is foreign to Canadians, the very opposite behaviour we expect and or should be seeing from the people elected to manage the affairs of Canadians.
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