Do you know how anxiety affects women during the leadup to menopause?

Published May 5, 2021 8 Views

Rumble Today, we are discussing ANXIETY and what you can do about it.

We were asked if it is a common issue for anxiety to get more intense for women during menopause.

Before I go on, let me introduce you to Kate, who sought our help because her life turned upside down during a yoga class.

Kate is around 49. These are her words:

“I have practiced yoga for decades, but last year, out of the blue I was taken over by terror and anxiety.

I sat down on my mat to take a breath. I began to feel terrible pain in my neck, and the entire left side of my face and arm went numb.

I started to spin out, so I left the class and scheduled an emergency doctor’s appointment.

Within 24 hours I had undergone multiple tests. Waiting for the results to come back was one of the scariest times of my life.

When the results did come back, I was very disappointed and confused.

I was given a clean bill of health. The doctors diagnosed the episode as an anxiety attack.

But this experience seemed to make no sense.

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