Hot Topics -- Q and A May 4, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Hot Topics -- Q and A May 4, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Topic 1:
Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 invoked in 2001?
The Magna Carta is often pointed at as the ultimate source of both British and American private property and sovereignty claims, but this is a mistake akin to thinking that your Natural and Unalienable Rights come from the Constitution, when in fact, all the constitutional guarantees do is to guarantee rights you already have. In the same way, the Magna Carta is a reaffirmation of sovereignty rights that resulted from The Settlement of the Norman Conquest 128 years prior to the Magna Carta. It was at that point that the Norman Barons became "sovereigns in their own right" on the lands that William ceded to them in England. And it was through them, ultimately, that the average people of both England and America claimed individual sovereignty. It's a long story, and told elsewhere, but briefly, it was that beachhead into destroying "the" Monarchy in England that led to the Norman in England operating as sovereigns, and five centuries later, it was that same thread that led to those born on American soil being "granted" their sovereignty in the same way that the Norman Barons received their sovereignty from William the Conqueror.
Question 1:What if anything does this have to do with everything. Someone said to us that We do not need to correct our status due to this. Personally I personally do not perceive that to be the case whatsoever. Interested in your explanation.
We have been misidentified on an individual basis by our Public Employees. We were initially identified as wards of the U.S. Army and the British Territorial Government and "deemed to be" U.S. Citizens via the Live Birth Registration Process, and after 1933, were additionally saddled with the Municipal citizenship as "citizens of the United States" too. If anyone is still foolish enough to believe that they can act as Americans and enjoy the freedoms and constitutional guarantees owed to Americans without bothering to correct those registrations, they are not to be believed or followed.
This is the same path (not correcting status) that the Colorado Nine and numerous other patriots have followed straight into District Government jails.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is either: (1) ignorant or (2) deliberately enslaving you.
Topic 2: Article III Courts?
There are no functioning Article III Courts --- only Article I Courts. This has been affirmed numerous times by Federal Judges. The actual United States Courts created by Article III were operated by the Federal Republic, which has been "out to lunch" since 1861. What remains are the Article I Administrative Courts set up the Territorial and Municipal "Congresses" ---- I have tried to explain this to Knothead Ron in Oregon on several occasions, but he persists in believing that Article III Courts MUST exist somewhere, even long after I have told him why they are not available at this time and won't be until after we get our act together and finish the long-delayed Reconstruction.

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