Important Points to Remember -- Call Out to Assemblies May 3, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Published May 5, 2021 72 Views

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Important Points to Remember -- Call Out to Assemblies May 3, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

There are many new people coming into the Assemblies, dragging their indoctrinations and assumptions based on past experience with "government" behind them.
I've been having to reiterate certain basic facts over and over and over for these Newbies, so I am calling on all the Assemblies and Assembly Members to help me out here and make sure that these Important Points are part of the Orientation we are providing new people.
1. The actual government of this country is not a democracy. The Territorial United States Government is a democracy. They work for us, but they are not us. All this stuff you have heard all your life about "our democracy" is in fact "their democracy". It's the form of government that the U.S. Citizens chose to adopt, and has nothing to do with our "republican form of government" guaranteed to us.
2. We don't need large numbers of people, or even a "majority" of people, because we are not a democracy. We don't have political parties, either. No Democrat/Republican divide and conquer allowed. Our government is run at a grassroots level by plain old Americans who don't necessarily use make-up and hair spray. Our actual government embraces people all across the political spectrum who simply want to be free and protected and enjoy their constitutionally guaranteed Natural and Unalienable Rights.
If you want to be a conscript in a military at "perpetual war" --- that's the Other Guys running the British Territorial United States Government and representing the U.S. Citizens and their dependents.
If you want to be a slave for the Pope and the City of Rome, that's another group of Other Guys. That is a foreign plenary oligarchy that rules over the Federal Civil Service employees and their dependents, who are known as "citizens of the United States".
These other foreign governments are under contract to us. Their contracts are spelled out as "The Constitution of the United States of America" and "The Constitution of the United States" -- respectively. These are the only contracts we have with them, and they are obligated to perform.
3. Over 90% of the Federal Code does not apply to us and never has.
The part that does apply to us is recorded on the Federal Record.
The part that doesn't apply to us-- which is the vast bulk of it -- appears on the Federal Register.
There is no reason for an average American to study the Federal Code. The only thing you have to study is the two (2) aforementioned Constitutions, which define your relationship with both Federal Service Providers.

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