The Case For A New Nuremberg Part 1 (1st half, 1 of 3)

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I posted an edit with music on Easter and had gotten about 1600 views, about 100/day until it was taken down on the 17th. I guess maybe the music was the problem, idk, I just grabbed whatever I could find on my computer that seems to go with the themes as fast as possible to help create a throughline and hold interest, it's such a serious threat that so many don't even see. I'm not a filmmaker, never studied editing, I made this with basic tools to convey a message largely based on and expanded upon from my papers that not enough people were reading.

So I removed the music. 🙄 it was more compelling with the music but it's ultimately got nothing to do with the music and everything to do with the info.
Parts 2 & 3 are also on this account. It's very long and a rough first edit that needs more work, but extremely urgent, I have to get back to work after weeks of having my head buried in the computer non-stop, will try to complete and possibly break into more smaller pieces asap. I posted another edit yesterday but I had accidentally deleted a small section of the narration in deleting the music, so here is the corrected edit.

"The Case For A New Nuremberg" is essentially a shortcut to key research plus some analogies to help connect dots, a very serious warning and to demand a New Nuremberg trial to prosecute all players propagating this severely Stalin-esque damaging fraud on all of humanity...the first 3 hours should be enough to help anyone who doesn't already understand that we have been hijacked by a Nazi fascist pseudoscience terrorist coup against all good science, logic, reasoning, the constitution and the Nuremberg code causing devastation to hundreds of millions of lives around the world, trampling everyone's rights, the constitution and posing an extremely serious threat to the future of civilization. The second half was much heavier for some reason so that's divided into 2 more parts.

This copy of my letter to the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department after hearing they may be force-injecting disabled and homeless people may help sum up some of the big main points.

Dear Sirs & Madams,

I have been so deeply dismayed that this pseudoscientific agenda has continued to be pushed forward by so many people who have taken an oath to protect and honor the constitution that I’ve made a documentary to educate those unaware of the absolute fraud they are participating in, to give them a chance to redeem themselves and do the right thing, and to demand a new #Nuremberg. The "#covid19" #virus has an over 99.6% recovery rate. Almost everyone who has died or suffered extreme infection has had extremely compromised #immunity; we knew this from the Stanford phds by April 2020. Most people never get any symptoms at all.

The documentary “The Case For A New Nuremberg"

Yale Harvey Risch I’ve shared over and over and included in my documentary is among many who attest that hydroxychloroquine is SAFE and EFFECTIVE (all papers stating otherwise were found to be frauds and retracted, now they openly say hcq and zinc and other treatments like ivermectin work safely and are also cheap!) — Risch affirms that at least hundreds of thousands died unnecessarily and more everyday due to disinformation campaigns about it.

Direct link to Yale Harvey Risch's testimony on hcq:

The Nobel laureate PCR test inventor Kary Mullis explicitly said his test is *not meant to detect viruses*-what one finds does not indicate illness or threat. He also stated that Fauci is a fraud who refuses to debate and has an agenda, should NOT be in the position he is in. The data on death counts is completely fraudulent. Mass amounts of deaths have been fraudulently labeled "covid19". Look at total excess mortality; it is within normal ranges.

Nobel Laureate PCR test inventor Kary Mullis:

The WHO IN JUNE told us asymptomatic spread is extremely rare if it exists at all. More recent 10M person study found NOT ONE CASE.

As Swedish head epidemiologist Johan Giesecke said “there is not a SHRED of evidence to support ANY of the measures that have been taken and they've already destroyed hundreds ofmillions of lives around the world.

Please also see Steve Hilton's coverage of Fauci's ILLEGAL (banned) gain-of-function bat coronavirus studies IN WUHAN:

"Vaccines" for covid19 are dna-altering experimental injections. They are not FDA approved, are still in trials, are simply "emergency use authorization" and very dangerous. Simply look at ALL prior coronavirus vaccine attempts—they killed ALL the animals when they were later exposed to a virus. As University of Rochester MD PHD and Bethesda Naval Hospital Dr Lee Meritt says "it wasn't subtle!" She concludes this entire operation is a psyop and the injections are likely a bioweapon. Footage in documentary. The experimental injections which do not meet the CDC's own definition of a vaccine neither prevent the illness nor transmission by their own definition when HCQ DOES!!! Please realize how fraudulent this is at EVERY LEVEL.

General McInerney explains this is hybrid warfare: biological attack and psychological operation (his testimony begins at 11:45):

It is ILLEGAL to force emergency use authorization products on anyone. It is high time everyone read the data for themselves and stop this evil aiding and abetting of (per holocaust survivor Vera Sharav also in my documentary as well as many others) a Nazi #
fascist pseudoscience terrorist agenda to force medical treatment on ANYONE in complete violation of the Nuremberg Code and the Constitution. Everyone needs to examine the REAL science and their consciences quickly and get on the right side of history. Here is a direct link to her interview:



Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas on the childa buse that is pushing this pseudoscience on children, same with masks. 97% goes right through and asymptomatic spread is a lie.

I'll also attach a quote from Kruschev warning we Americans are so gullible we'll end up with communism without even knowing it's happening - without even knowing we're under attack.

Kgb defector Yuri Bezmenov on how we're at war and have no idea, have been for decades:

On brainwashing propaganda:

These^ are all in my documentary as well.

Please realize how serious this is not because of a 99.6+% recovery virus but because of the many dangers in forcing unwanted treatments on people aiding and abetting the destruction of this country our ancestors, including my purple heart war hero grandfather who was shot in the back of the head first wave at Normandy and survived- his story:

made extreme sacrifices to fight this kind of evil experimenting on people without their consent.

A new Nuremberg is on its way as renowned international trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and others promise (and I spend all my free time demanding). Those willingly forcing this on people WILL be held accountable if we’re not completely hijacked first. It is up to ALL of us to be informed and do the right thing so this ends well.

International trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich promising a new Nuremberg trial:

Please cease and desist on pushing this fascist insult-to-inteligence fraud agenda which for a virus dangerous to less than half a % of all humanity they have used as an excuse to destroy hundreds of millions of lives worldwide, exponentially worse than the harm of the virus which they’ve lied about at every turn. PLEASE inform yourselves and immediately stop pushing what amounts to a Nazi fascist cult -dogma not science- on people who do not desire nor need medical “care", especially that carries very serious possible adverse reactions including death!

Allopathy medical error has earned ***3rd largest cause of death** in this country - THIS IS FROM AN OFFICIAL STUDY!!! For this reason I stopped using that system of "Healthcare" 2 decades ago and haven't had a symptom of any kind in years, not so much as a cold! And that's driving thousands of Uber rides since March 2020. The study is also in my documentary and the paper I link below and I will attach it again here. I will also attach the previous cv vax attempt study warning DANGER to humans.

Please FIGHT this evil agenda instead of pushing it! PLEASE look into and join Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and get on the right side of history. ADVOCATE for your constituency, don't help wage a covert war against them. You have great power to help this end right.

Our country has been hijacked and is being destroyed in the name of FRAUD & FASCISM/COMMUNISM at so many levels it’s beyond disturbing that service professionals aren’t studying this and fully aware of the truth. NOW is the time to do the right thing. It’s VERY late. DO NOT be on the wrong side of history. Realize the danger you push if you go along without being aware of what you’re doing. DO NOT trust the tv without doing your own due diligence. This is wrong on every level. Remember, Obama repealed the Smith Mundt Modernization Act and made it legal to use PROPAGANDA on US citizens!!!

Do not just assume that ANYONE has the People's or our younger generations’ best interests in mind—they clearly do not which is totally obvious if one simply looks at the evidence/data oneself. The sheer number of extreme Mickey Mouse instances of fraud is utterly mind-blowing and disturbing.The Imperial College INTERNAL REPORT (neither published nor peer reviewed-unherd of!!) used to justify changing the direction of both England and the US from the trajectories we were on (initially the same as Sweden which was to respect the real science and everyone's freedom and protect the elderly and frail and let everyone live their lives as they see fit) was a completely fraudulent paper and Neil Ferguson, the author, has a history of such fraud, which as holocaust survivor Vera Sharav asks, then why are they in such positions, they should at least most ofthe time be right. If they're not then the motivation for using them is not science but an agenda and a very dangerous one. Ferguson resigned several months after his fraud paper “after breaking quarantine for an extra-marital affair” (Truman Show insult-to-intelligence if anyone believes that!!) but not before the Imperial College got $79M from the Gates foundation in March right after the paper helped hijack the planet!!

The only way to not see the truth about what's happening is to not look, be brainwashed, or be in on it and not care about hurting others. PLEASE carefully analyze what we've sent. You owe it to the oath you took and the people whose lives you can seriously harm by pushing medical treatments on people who have no need or desire for them.

Do you WANT this country to become fascist/Communist? Máximo Alvarez whose testimony is in my video as well as many others who have escaped Communist countries see clearly what is happening and have been warning people.

The US is on a fast track down this road if we do not do EVERYTHING we can to stand for REAL science, truth, justice and freedom RIGHT NOW! Even if you care about no one but your own family think about your future generations! If this country turns to tyranny there will be nowhere left in the world to go. Take heed, please, this is SO serious. Thank you.

My papers (essentially collection of the experts speaking the truth) the dodocumentary is largely based on (missing some elements added to the documentary:

Again thank you.

Alison Bacon

Movie clips:
"The Karate Kid" John G. Avildsen 1984
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"The Truman Show" Peter Weir Paramount 1998
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"Braveheart" Mel Gibson Icon 1995

I removed the music but I'll keep the list of tracks I'd used for the first 2hr 45 I had set to music when I first posted:
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